Steel detailing and reinforced concrete design software

Better steel and reinforced concrete designs with parametric structural components

ProStructures is comprehensive steel and concrete design software that delivers parametric structural components to increase your productivity and profitability. You can create and automatically update 3D models of structural steel, metal work, and reinforced concrete structures. ProStructures includes ProSteel and ProConcrete.

Intuitively model parametric reinforced concrete structures

Model parametric reinforced concrete objects of any shape, with any combination of reinforcing. You can easily create concrete structures for a variety of industries such as building, plant, civil, and bridges. You can reduce documentation production time and eliminate errors and design flaws. Quickly create accurate 3D models, placement drawings, fabrication details, bar bending schedules, concrete quantity, and material reports with automatic updates to reflect model changes.


Produce high-quality steel detailing and fabrication designs

Efficiently and accurately develop models and documentation for steel structures. Confidently deliver an intuitive 3D modeling system that is perfectly suited to layout complex steel structures and extract engineering, fabrication, and erection drawings with automatic updates whenever the 3D model is changed. Produce drawings for every steel shape, connection, and plate-work from the 3D model. Additionally, you can generate and update in-drawing, external reports, and bills of material.


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