Mobile construction management software

Access, capture, and communicate job site information, even when offline

SYNCHRO Field is a mobile construction management software that allows you to access, capture, and communicate job site information, even when offline. With mobile-friendly forms and workflows, you can find and access information documented within the SYNCHRO Control web-based service. Using geolocated forms and automated weather data, easily locate data across all projects. No matter how large or complex your project, you and your team can visualize each geolocated field action using a map or 3D model. You can quickly identify issues early, coordinate with other crews, communicate new processes or current field directives, and update project owners on daily progress in real-time with one user interface and project context views.

SYNCHRO Field works in conjunction with SYNCHRO Control – its web based counterpart.

Access your information

With a mobile-friendly user interface, immediately connect to SYNCHRO Control or ProjectWise for real-time updates from the office. With instant access to up-to-date data, you can identify issues early to mitigate and manage risk in real-time.

Capture all necessary data

Move quickly through daily tasks with standard construction forms created with project context templates for logs, issues and observations, RFIs, submittals, inspections, and automated weather recording. Minimize the amount of typing onsite when you utilize the talk-to-text feature. You can also add georeferencing for all data within your model for trusted accuracy. The exact location within the project coordinate system makes it easy on a large construction site, particularly horizontal civil infrastructure projects. Save time by eliminating double data entry when you upload photos and field data locally, then sync when you are back online.

Communicate effectively from the field to the office

Update your project team on all captured job site information with online and offline capabilities, and then sync when you have connectivity. You can also report updates and red-line issues with PDF mark-up capabilities, as well as assign tasks to other team members to alert changes. Coordinate through real-time communication across your team, allowing them to report updates and issues to advance transformation.

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Technical Capabilities

Geolocation and Weather Services

  • Be armed with real-time, accurate project data with automatic weather information
  • Save time with quick reference and exact location information
  • Identify issues early to mitigate and manage risk

Data Collection for Field Inspections

  • Collect inspections data effortlessly
  • Instantly submit information with ease
  • Work 100% offline

Communicate from Field to Office in Real-time

  • Access project data from SYNCHRO Control
  • Eliminate double data entry by uploading data locally and syncing when back online

Efficient Task Management

  • Easily prioritize your work
  • Assign urgent and critical tasks to team members from the job site
  • Resolve issues quickly in the field

System Requirements