Project management web service

Access, manage, collaborate, and analyze construction data all in one place

SYNCHRO Control is a cloud-based SaaS construction management hub for you to access, manage, collaborate, and analyze construction data all in one place. When your construction management team is struggling with managing immense project data in a timely and efficient manner, leverage SYNCHRO Control. SYNCHRO Control connects field and office staff from design to construction using real-time data including resources, and workflows. Project insights are available for you to make fast, real-time decisions to drive efficiencies and remain in control of your time and budget.

Multiple views to quickly monitor and report project performance

SYNCHRO Control is an easy-to-use solution for delivering information needed at quick glance via grid, 2D, map, and 4D model-based views. Form-based workflows connected by business logic provide you with a simple and organized process for inputting project data. You can use multiple views to quickly monitor and report project performance, implement map and model services, use templates for end-to-end workflows, and connect to external data sources for better access.


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Technical Capabilities

Data Analysis

Quickly view project by task, report, 2D plan, map, and model styles for quick reference and full context decision-making. SYNCHRO Control will provide you with quick, multi-view, and accurate reporting of project KPIs. See your project stats presented in map, chart, and summary views in one dashboard.

Project Management

Manage all your project information with SYNCHRO Control. Turn on georeferencing for all data within the model for trusted accuracy. By implementing georeferencing, you get the exact location within the project coordinate system, making it easy on a large construction site– especially horizontal civil infrastructure projects. Quickly coordinate using real-time communication across your team to share updates and issues.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with your team. By following easy-to-use templates from the time that a project is created. Configured workflows with simple processes, help your team better manage the project. Access project context templates designed to quickly move through daily tasks, such as logs, issues and observations, RFIs, submittals, and inspections. View, manage, and share all SYNCHRO Field-captured data (via mobile applications) in the same project management web service. Configurable forms are available for you to raise issues and RFIs across your team within the mark-up phase, which connects into the same registry and interface.

Field Inspections

View inspections and field data in real time. Easily configure inspections’ structure so that you can view, manage, and initiate inspections.

Automated Workflows

Quickly manage observations, issues, and RFIs faster with SYNCHRO Control. Create and manage custom workflows for your field data collection and eliminate double data input.

Project Dashboards

Easily analyze project status in a simplified view. Display your data in task, grid 2D plan, calendar, map, and model views, as well as connect to external data sources.

Geolocation Services

Easily locate and display all your project data in map or 3D model view. Solve complex logistics for your horizontal and linear projects and save time with quick reference and exact location information.

System Requirements